NBA Playoff Predictions

By: Nolan Soffer @Nolan_Soffer

Disclaimer: Predictions made after game 1 games and game 2 of OKC Memphis game/ Los Angeles Golden State

Western Conference Quarterfinals

Spurs V Mavericks: Spurs depth, and their revenge factor pose a threat to any team in the West. Spurs win series

Rockets V Trail Blazers: This is a tough match up. Second year phenom Damian Lillard put on a show in his postseason debut, alog with just a little help of Lamarcus Aldridge. The two pose a huge challenge for Houston but in the end Houston size is too much and steals game 7. Rockets win series

Clippers V Warriors: Probably the most intriguing matchup of the first round. Two high octane offenses that even the a novice NBA fan wold enjoy. Warriors are a two faced team. They’re either hot, or cold from the field. Problem being that the cold tea usually shows up the most which is why I choose the Clippers. Clippers win series

Thunder V Grizzlies: Game 2 was an unbelievable one. Even though the Grizzlies can pose a threat, they just got the wrong match up. Can’t go against the soon to be MVP. Thunder win series

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

Pacers V Hawks: Even though the Hawks won game one in every aspect I don’t think it will be enough. Indiana got a wakeup call at the right time. When Indiana’s on its a tough team to beat. Pacers win series.

Bulls V Wizards: In a few years this Wizards team will be making noise in the Eastern Conference. With one of the best back courts in the game , and not enough offensive firepower from Chicago i believe Washington wins the series. Wizards win series

Nets V Raptors: This is one of the better match ups in the first round. Two evenly matched teams. One of the big surprises of the year (Toronto) winded up with the three seed. However Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett are on too much of a roll especially with the NBA’s best second half record. Nets win series

Heat V Bobcats: … It’s the Bobcats. Heat win series

Western Conference Semifinals

Spurs V Rockets: The battle of Texas. The Rockets are 3-0 against the Spurs this season so they’re gonna win the series. Not so fast… Houston is in my opinion one more piece to be a legit NBA contender. San Antonio is hungry for the championship after the debacle last year. Spurs win series

Clippers V Thunder: This will probably be the best match up of the second round. OKC is 2-1 against the Clippers this year. OKC has the NBA MVP, but in the end it won’t be enough Los Angeles has too much fire power coming off the bench two of the league’s best big men, and arguably the best coach in the NBA in Doc Rivers. Clippers win series

Eastern Conference Semifinals

Pacers V Wizards: If Indiana winds up playing Chicago this might be another story, but Indiana’s big men will cause too many problems to to this young Wizards team. Pacers win series

Heat V Nets: All that’s needed is Doc Rivers, and Rajon Rondo in a Brooklyn uniform. Brooklyn is 4-0 against the Heat this season. However they’ve all come in close games. In the playoffs Miami is always on their A game so this time around things will be different. Paul Pierce and company will put up a good fight but in the end it won’t be enough. Miami wins series

Western Conference Finals

Spurs V Clippers: San Antonio is 2-1 this year against (the other LA team) this season. However i believe this series will go down to game seven. Chris Paul and company along with coaching from Doc will be too much for this San Antonio team. Clippers win series

Eastern Conference Finals

Pacers V Heat: 2-2 against each other this year. Faced each other last year in the same spot. There hasn’t been an NBA three peat since Shaq and Kobe. Home court will play a huge factor in this series. During the regular season the home team won every game. Miami has all the reasons to pick them to advance to the NBA finals for the fourth straight year. However I believe this will be the first year they don’t reach that spot. Indiana’s size, and home court advantage will be the reason for their first NBA finals appearance in 14 years. Pacers win series

NBA Finals:

Pacers V Clippers: These two teams faced only one time this year, and Indiana won that game. Both of these teams have size. Neither of these teams have finals experience. This is a tough one to call. Indiana one of the leagues best defensive teams faces off against one of the leagues best offensive teams. In the end I believe with the point guard play of Chris Paul coaching of Doc Rivers and two of the leagues most improved players in Blake Griffin, and Deandre Jordan along with a solid bench the NBA championship will travel back to LA… This time however to the Clippers first ever NBA title



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